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Questions and Answers

All questions must be emailed to the contact listed in the RFP and the email must contain an attachment on the company letterhead stating the issue(s).  Vendors emailing questions in the body of an email will not receive a response on this page.  NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  ALL CORRESPONDENCE MUST BE IN WRITING.


When and where is the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting?

The pre‐bid meeting will be held on Friday, January 24, 2020, at 2:00 P.M. (CST).  Doors will close at 2:00 P.M. (CST), and late arrivals will not be allowed to bid.

The meeting will be held at the following address: J.E. Harper Pathways to Excellence Center, 618 Germantown Road, Minden, LA 71055 

When is the Submission Deadline for all bids?

All proposals should be sent by US Postal mail or sealed hand‐delivered to: J.E. Harper Pathways to Excellence Center, ATTN: David Griffith, IT Coordinator, 618 Germantown Road, Minden, LA 71055  *Note: All correspondence must be in writing due to USAC selective review requirements Proposals must be received no later than: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM (CST)

When does the inquiry window close?

The inquiry window is now closed.  It closed on 02/11/2020 at 2:00 P.M. (CST)

Since you are requesting per drop – are we to assuming a normal drop run for Cat6 of 150 feet?  Is our assumptions correct?

In the RFP found at the following link,, you will see in section 13.1 that we are requesting cabling that should be bid by the foot that also includes all installation services associated with making a ready to use connection.  You can also see examples in section 22 under Unit Price List form.

Do you have a list of the Cat 6 and Fiber runs you are needing with estimated footage you could provide to us?

On the form 470 we posted 25,000 feet of cabling as the quantity we were requesting.  This includes all fiber and cat-6 indoor and outdoor cabling.  Of that 25,000 we estimated that possibly 70% would be for the fiber requested.

You have requested a “price per drop” and for each of those drops to include conduit – does this mean that every drop will need conduit? 

Not all cabling will need conduit.  You can bid a price per foot of cabling with conduit and separately a price per foot without conduit and we will choose which we will purchase depending on the needs at each location.

Is it acceptable to only bid on the Extreme Networks equipment/services, or does the district prefer that bidders respond to equipment and cabling?

You may submit a bid for equipment/services only, cabling only, other services requested, or a complete solution that includes everything requested.

The RFP requests 3 year basic maintenance on existing equipment. Can you please provide a list of the existing Extreme Networks items that you need basic maintenance for?

In section 16.1 of the RFP found at this link,, you will see we ask for options for a 1-year renewal of Support Warranties for quoted products and any existing products needing renewal of support warranties.  On our form 470 we only added two additional quantity to the count of new products requested to add support warranty renewal options to two existing switches in the Technology Department.  Those two units are Extreme X620-16P-Base units and they have a current support warranty that expires in 12/10/2021.