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Children and adults with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) struggle to read, interpret, and respond effectively to their social world. From their perspective, the statements and actions of others may at times seem to occur without meaning or identifiable purpose, occurring randomly and without warning or logic. To those working on their behalf, the same experience may be echoed; parents and educators may report that a child is demonstrating a behavior that seems to occur "for no apparent reason" or totally "out of context". Social Stories address this social confusion by requiring parents and professionals to first stop and consider a situation from the perspective of the child or adult with ASD, and second to identify and share information that may be missing with a Social Story. The result is often an improvement in social understanding on both sides of the social equation.

Autism National Site

Autism specific to Louisiana


Encourages the use of activities as a bridge between the child and his environment.

Offers activities that stimulate attention, foster calm, and create loads of fun

Parenting tips are offered to help make life with an autistic child easier.