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Webster Parish School District Online Student Art Gallery

Posted Date: 03/10/2021

Webster Parish School District Online Student Art Gallery

The Webster Parish School District recognizes the important role the arts play in the development of our students.  Our schools offer art enrichment classes, Art I & II, and the Talented Art Program for exceptionally skilled students.  This year has been especially challenging for art education as many of our students have had to create their art projects remotely, away from art classrooms, workspaces, and tools.  Even our brick-and-mortar students could not have close interaction with their art teachers and peers.  Their supplies were limited and could not be shared, but creative administrators and teachers ensured that our students continued to have opportunities for art in education whether it be through in person instruction or through the Google Classroom and live art meets.  At the conclusion of our first semester, proud art students yearned for a venue to exhibit their artwork.

Under normal circumstances, our art students showcase their art at the school board office, in the local communities, at schools, in contests, and at festivals. Because of COVID-19, 2020-21 school year has been anything but normal and has limited the opportunities to display artwork.  In response to the unique challenges of this year, the Webster Parish School District has created a virtual art gallery for students to showcase their artwork.  It’s a digital attempt at bringing the work of our student artists at all levels into your home – because art is created for others to take in.

Covering a range of subject matter, media, and concepts visitors can explore the virtual galleries of Webster Parish students of all grade levels from every school in the Parish.  The gallery will be updated often with new artworks added as they are turned in for exhibit.  All students are invited to participate by having their teacher email a picture of their artwork to