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(318) 377-7052 (311)

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Educational History:

High School:  Cotton Valley HIgh School

College:  Grambling State University, Kansas State University, Louisiana Tech University, University of Phoenix

Degrees and Certifications:

A.A. Accounting

B.S. Business Education

Masters Degree:  Educational Leadership

Master’s +30 Degree:  Educational Leadership

Doctorate of Education:  Curriculum and Instruction:  Educational Leadership

Current Position:

I began teaching in January 1993, Busuiness Education classes at Cotton Valley High School.  I later transferred to Lakeside Jr/Sr High School in 2003 as the Assistant Principal and the following year, I became principal at Lakeside.  Eight years later, I moved to J. A. Phillips Middle School as principal and remained there for 4 ½ years.  I am currently in my second year as Jump Start Coordinator for Webster Parish.

Dr. Beverly P. Smith

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(318) 377-7052 (311)

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